Monday, 18 November 2013

Ridler Report 2013: Trends in the use of executive coaching

I was fortunate to attend a presentation last week (given by Clive Mann, Managing Director of Ridler & Co) on the latest edition of the Ridler Report.  For those who are unfamiliar with this study, this is the fifth report of its kind, analysing strategic trends in the use of executive coaching from the perspective of users (organisations).  For the latest version of the report, 145 organisations completed the questionnaire including Barclays, the BBC, Boeing, Deutsche Bank, News International and various NHS organisations. The report covers themes such as:
  • What qualities do sponsors most value in coaches?
  • Trends in the use of internal coaching
  • Size of external coaching providers - bigger in not necessarily better
  • Contracting arrangements for coaching assignments
  • Situations in which executive coaching is used
The report also includes some in-depth case studies.  This is a unique study of its kind, and can be found at:

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