Wednesday, 24 June 2009

London Coaching Group

I've just attended my first meeting of the London Coaching Group, an event which I can highly recommend. The Group meets monthly, usually with a speaker, although last night's event was 'Open Space' in which anyone was permitted to raise an issue and then lead a discussion. I led one on the themes:
- What value can research bring to the profession of coaching?
- What should we be researching?
In the discussion, it was claimed that, at least in Small and Medium Sized enterprises, there is no push to evidence that coaching works. The corporate market, however, is different, with a keen desire to measure coaching's Return on Investment. However, organistions are trying to do this, using the kinds of traditional methods they apply to face-to-face training programmes. What we really need is research that measures some of the long-term benefits of coaching.
I couldn't agree more.
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